What’s The Deal With Printed Custom Tape?

Imagine being carried on the shoulders of your followers, chanting your name boisterously as they walk through the city. Making the passer by curious, and having them getting eager to know more about you and your achievements. There you go. You are already in people’s minds, before you’ve started reaching out to people. 

This is what a custom printed tape can do for your business. Custom Printed Tapes for packaging can be used for more than sealing boxes. You can advertise your brand, carry your company name, logo, and product information while keeping the boxes safe from tampering.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a custom printed tape


  1.       Easy Identification: The basic function of custom tapes is to identify the contents of a box for proper storage and handling.These tapes can also carry special instructions – signs that say Fragile, This Way Up, and so on – to ensure that your goods are handled correctly in transit.
  2.     Security: One of the biggest advantages of using a custom tape is you can prevent it from tampering, as they’re trackable. Custom Printed Tapes help you classify millions of boxes into identifiable sections.  
  3.       Promotes Brand Awareness: Using custom tapes is one of the simplest and effective ways to promote your brand. With the tape being the first thing a customer checks when his or her products arrive, impressive packaging using colored custom tapes will create a positive impression and improve your business.
  4.     Professionalism: Apart from building a brand, a custom tape will bring a polished and professional air to the product. It shows your meticulous nature to be  precise to the finest details and enhances customer loyalty. 
  5.     Cost-Effective: You might think that printing on cardboard boxes themselves might be a better idea,  but have you thought of the costs involved? Research says that in most cases custom printed tapes are cheaper especially when you consider the amount of space needed to store such boxes. 

Whether you are a Bopp tape manufacturer planning to diversify or a newcomer into the world of e-commerce, opting for custom tapes will help spread your business and brand far and wide. 

Sonison Packaging – Let Your Packaging Do The Promotion

At Sonison Packaging, we understand the importance of using every available resource to sustain growth in a business. Custom printed tapes for packaging bring subtle touch that adds to the overall customer’s experience. Apart from providing additional branding, tapes by Winpack are made of some of the strongest film and adhesive, guaranteeing a secure seal every time. 

Winpack tapes are tailored to suit your business requirements and can be ordered in different shapes and sizes. Winpack tapes can be used in extreme temperatures, create a stronger seal over time, and are available at prices within your budget.

Contact us for a quote on our custom printed tapes today!